National transport & distribution

Parametros Logistics offers temperature-controlled transport, distribution and warehousing services in Greece for the food sector.

With our proven competence, we are responsible for deliveries all the way from the producer or warehouse to any delivery point.

We have an efficient distribution network  operating  our own fleet of multi-temperature trucks enhanced with  selected 3rd party trucks operating under our own supervision.

Warehousing & order fullfilment

Parametros Group  offers modern and efficient warehousing  and order fulfillment solutions for chilled and frozen storage in premises adapted specially to food requirements.

Our flexible storage solutions are guaranteed to satisfy all your needs.

We support :

  • any picking strategy
  • specific rules by customer or drop point
  • lot tracking
  • expiry date or best before date tracking
  • temperature controlled box forwarding
  • cross docking (pre- assigned or not)
  • special quality check protocols
  • ad hoc promotional distribution projects
  • short, medium or even long term storage

Value added services

With today’s consumer-centric supply chains constantly evolving, responsive and adaptive supply chain solutions are vital for temperature controlled  food manufacturers and producers.

To add more value to our customers’ supply chains, and to help them stay ahead in the industry, we provide a range of additional logistics services at each of our food warehousing facilities.

  • Wrapping and labelling
  • Re-stacking , re-paletisation
  • Reject handling
  • Inverting pallets
  • Mixing products
  • Repacking
  • Advanced logistics reporting
  • KPI’s monitoring

The dependable  and modern technical equipment together with our  IT secure high efficiency, and our know-how and commitment provide you with solutions of the highest quality with optimum costs.